Sunday, February 9, 2014

Husb(Manager) – Beyoncé Fires her Manager of Five Years

This past week, as we have seen all the headlines surrounding the Super Bowl performance from Bruno Mars (Bruno Performance tops Beyoncé and Madonna) and his incredible performance, we also saw the announcement of Beyoncé firing her manager of five years, not a shocker since she even fired her own father, and replacing him with her husband, Mr. Sean Carter. Sound surprising, not really. This does not come to a major surprise to many due to the fact that Jay-Z is so hands on in B’s career, and they do ultimately everything together.

The move had nothing to do with financial aspects or 12% commission based salary he was making, or bad chemistry between her manager and herself, but instead she saw it as a major move for her family. (Check out full story)It is reported that Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been working together in the studio, surrounding performances for her tour, performing together, and Jay also had his hands in helping to manage and produce Beyoncé’s latest self-titled album “Beyoncé”. The carters know exactly what they are doing, and why not put “family first”, when everything they both do surrounds their family. Plus, there are rumors surrounding adding more to their family.

It was a complete power move that has been made, and I’m sure many great things are to follow for the couple. Jay-Z does not lack intelligence when it comes to music, or being a businessman, just look at the deal he did with Live Nation, and how they practically gave him Roc Nation. He is known to see avenues that will bring success, and I believe that the best is yet to come for Beyoncé’s career. Maybe now Jay-z can officially retire and focus on her, and making her into the legend that we all know she will go down in history for.

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