Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Social Media EPK

Having the wrong representation in the music industry can either help or harm you. Social Media, which many artists now rely on, can ultimately damage a career, as well as help it. As we all know social media is becoming one of the most popular way to find out what an artist is up to nowadays, but what about a good old fashion entertainment EPK?

A EPK, a good, well put together EPK, can help sell an artist more than social media or any hear say around the world. A EPK is a representation of the artist and management team, and includes all information that may be needed to book an artist for a show, or sign an artist to a new deal. Many artist that I’ve come across do not like using EPK, not because they are not relevant, but because they feel that all of their information can be easily accessible though Facebook, Twitter, or 15-second videos on Instagram. Although this is true, there is no comparison to a live and interactive EPK, including all recent information, sold out shows, or live links to number one songs of the artist.

Creating a good EPK is not easy however; it takes time, dedication, and money. That’s right, money. Any good EPK will require skill and a dedicated graphic designer if you cannot do it yourself. The EPK should be so well put together that it should gain attention and attraction for the best sponsorship that is possible and in reach. Music Think Tank says “every brand needs to be packaged in a way that will effectively showcase it’s strengths and marketability.” Being makeable is what every artist should strive to be, and by obtaining or putting together the best possible interactive, and flashy EPK is a way to do this. Being your own brand is what is most important, and an EPK is a step in the right direction.

In the end, being more than just fluent in social media, or marketing yourself on Instawho, do the big guys notice not going to get you too much? Not saying that it cannot happen, but one would believe that the old way, emailing each other, and attaching a file like an EPK, is more professional. You choose, but I would rather collect a business card and forward an email, than ask for a handler name.