Sunday, January 12, 2014

All Negotiations are Wins!

When working with negotiations, you have to realize whom you are working for. Now, I know this sounds weird, but there has to be a clear and communicable strategy when dealing with negotiations, between yourself, and any colleagues that you are working with while trying to make a deal. Negotiations may seam hard to many individuals due to the lack of self-confidence, or not simply believing in the product or good that they are rallying for. According to the “SalesCrunch” Video, directed by Jonathan Farrington, there are steps to negotiations, and the most important one is remaining in control. “When you are structured, you remain in control” (Farrington, 2011). One has to be in control of not only their actions in the negotiation process, but also being in control over their reactions. The reactions that one may display during the process can be negative or either positive, but regardless you have to be prepared and enter into the process as if it is a battle, and the war is yours to win.

Negative reactions are most common when in a negotiation process, because most people are not acceptable to change. According to the Andy Gilbert and Kathryn Roberts of Go MAD Thinking podcast entitled, “How to Understand the Thinking of managing of change”, you must be able to understand the change. Change is one thing that we as humans always react negatively to at first are change. It is considered one of the most difficult challenges that we encounter, and when dealing with negotiations this especially catch a person off guard. In the podcast, they are dealing with a management situation, and the most natural reaction from everyone is that something is not “fair”. What is fair in negotiations however? When adapting to change, there is nothing that will be considered fair by any person, hence why there is a negotiation that is taking place.

We as people come across negotiations all the time when in the entertainment industry, but to be effective in negotiating, you have to realize where you stand as the negotiator. Are you rallying for or against something can alter the negotiation, and you have to learn how to play both sides of the field. To help better understand negotiations, I chose to also listen to Margret Neale’s YouTube video, “Getting What You Want”. She says the first thing we need to know when getting a “good deal” is, what are our alternatives, what is the point when we are saying yes or going with the alternative, and what are you actually trying to achieve in the negotiation?

The most common goal in negotiations is to realize what you want out of the deal. How will this deal benefit you in the long run, and how will it benefit those who are around you. By learning about the positives and negatives in a negotiation process from all three videos and podcast, it has taught me that not all negotiations can be bad. We as people tend to look into a negotiation as being a shark eat little fish world, instead of working it together to benefit everyone involved. There are plenty of negotiations that will take place in my future, but the most that I want to accomplish is how to continue to look at how both sides can win, and make it plain as day to the other parties involved. In the entertainment industry we cannot get hung up on a negotiation that has gone wrong, instead you have to learn how to make it fit your situation, and be beneficial to yourself and those around you.

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