Sunday, December 15, 2013

Queen B! No Promotion!

Call her a queen!!!!!! The Queen has arrived, and that an amazing weekend it was for Beyoncé! Surprising her fans with a new album, self entitled, Beyoncé, and also announcing more tour dates in the UK and Ireland! Beyoncé is on the rise, and much hate has also come her way. Being compared to Rhianna, and other Pop/R&B stars, Beyoncé has crushed the scene in my opinion, and many critics before me. Releasing an album at the stroke of midnight, and not promoting it at all, shook everyone up, and made one of the biggest frenzies that social media has seen in a while! The 14 track visual album, is exclusively available on iTunes, has sold a record of 430,000 albums the first day! If meeting the 600,000 albums in its first week, Beyoncé will definitely hold the best week ever in sales, with the record at that standing or above. (SeeTimes Entertainment Article Here).

What made Beyoncé make an album, and not let fans know anything about it? If many remember watching the remarkable HBO special from Beyoncé, “Life is but a Dream”, Beyoncé dove into many things that she believed music was about. She even at one point said that many artists are not making music anymore, that they are simply putting singles out, and not caring about their fans, and what the music may mean to them. Very powerful words were spoken in the documentary that she had done, and she gave us insight to the beginning to what she was working on. We had no idea what she was doing at that time, but judging from the numbers and the haters, she definitely will go down in history as the “Best Singer Alive”, just as her husband Jay-Z.

Although the album has not been released to stores yet, the numbers speak volumes, I guess we will have to wait until we see what Billboard has in store for us after the first week!.....Stay Tuned!

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