Monday, December 2, 2013

Manager to Record Label CEO, Yandy Smith

Many know Ms. Yandy Smith as being from the hit sensation television show called “Love & Hip Hop New York”, but many do not know her hustle and grind to get to where she is at currently. She is a respectable woman in the music industry, and is constantly on the go with her two children, one biological, and one step-son, who is the son of her incarcerated fiancé Mandeecees (to see more about Mandeecees (click here to learn about Mandeecees). Ms. Smith has a lot on her plate, but it is nothing when it comes to her first love, and that is managing artist, and playing the role of a strong single mother.

Within recent years of Love & Hip Hop being a hit sensation, many of us have watched YS grow into a loving, supporting, and strong woman. From her fallout with Jim Jones when managing him, to her being the star of Love & Hip Hop and partnering with Mona Scott to produce the show. We, all women across America, and fans of the show wonder what drives YS to continue to do such time consuming things with two young children in her household, and how she even does it! I, myself, as being a single mother, a full-time student and employee, am tired from reading her story, but there is something about her passion and drive that just keeps her going.
In a recent interview with Tract Her Trail Her, YS says that “When I had a baby I realized that the whole sitting in the studio, or going to the club getting DJs to play my records just wasn’t going to be my thing” (read exclusive interview here). Just like most mothers, they want to spend more time with their children, and do more with them. You are being accountable as a mother, and I believe that YS is looking at her children’s best interest, instead of just her own.

As well as her natural ability to spot talent, YS is not alone in the starting of this business, she also has her partner and manager of many artist for years, Rich Dollaz, who is also a main feature from LHHNY. He has the natural ability to spot talent, as YS reports to Madam Noire. These two together are the new hit sensation in my opinion. You have many artist who have been on the search for good managers and record labels to be apart of, and with the new year ringing in, this has came just in time. YS and Dollaz plan on having a national tour to scout and launch their new record label, and are looking for serious people who have serious talent. To turn from a simple artist manager, into a woman building a record label, is why I admire Ms. Yandy Smith. Her hustle is real, and her grind and support of herself is what sets her apart from many. She is what drives the force of many of us African American women, who want to be apart of the music industry. The New Cassette Tape has not seen the rest of Ms. Yandy Smith, Stay Tuned.

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