Sunday, November 24, 2013

The National Association of Record Industry Professionals

The National Association of Record IndustryProfessionals, better known as NARIP was founded in 1998, on the principals of bringing together the worlds top and leading business professionals in the music entertainment industry. NARIP concentrates on developing a person and taking them beyond what they think they can achieve. Though different areas in NARIP, this is possible. To become a member, one must work at a major or independent record label, record marketer, record distributor, or work for a personal management firm. Membership is strict for this organization, but also important because it allows you to access the world of music business professionals in a way that one may not get to see from the outside.

The NARIP program that I definitely appreciate the benefit of being a member and having guidance. Many large-scale companies want you to partake in memberships within the company, and you might not get too much out of it. The Stan Monterio Mentorship Program that NARIP has to offer is backed up by your own interest survey. They do not just place you in a category with a mentor that they think will fit you best, but they allow you to answer questions about your style, and allow you at actually pick a mentor that fits to your liking. There is a $35 application fee, and I believe they do this to actually make sure you are interested, instead of wasting someone’s time. The program allows you to seek help and guidance in areas of direction for your career, jobs, and resume building.

While researching NARIP, I thought about my own company, and how I would want to model some of the same principals. It is not everyday you come across a company that is accessible to millions of individuals in the world, that actually wants to help build you into a better brand or label. Upon my first professional job, this is an organization that I will be joining, and also seeking the mentorship program to better my chances at advancing. The lists of possibilities through this organization are endless, especially with the list of national speakers who are actively involved in the process of getting you “on your feet”

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