Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leeking, the Intra Personal, "Nothing Was The Same"

With Drake's latest album obsession, entitled "Nothing was the same" dated for release on September 24, 2013; the HATE is still on for the R%B/Rap community. Drake, whose been know for taking shots lately in the community for coming out with music that will "make you return to your ex", has been the star of local cartoon pictures on istagram, and trending topics on twitter. What makes Drake so popular, one may ask? Is it his rhyming skills, his "light skin" appeal to many female fans, or his uniqueness that draws a person near, during the most interment times of his life thought an obsession francization and of a female, or loneliness through a dark room, fantasizing about this blog or another? We never know.

One thing that we know about Drake is that he does it for the fans, and personally coordinating the first ever shows Drake performed after knee surgery at Slippery Rock University in 2010, he does it for the fans! Fans and their opinions are what matters. Making it “Big” has never been a concern of Aubrey Gram’s worries, but making it past his own success is what he has always dreamed of. This album he has made, like many, has taken nothing but the saying of “blood, sweat, and tears”, to be completed. Pure raw talent is what it takes to have an album leaked amongst millions of fans, but to hear the other millions say that they are waiting for the deluxe edition to be released on iTunes or through Target Dedicated fans is what it takes to be in this music industry. Reason why he proves why “Light skinned rappers” are still alive in this industry! The next Jay Z, I think so!

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Drake Album Leak!
Nothing was the same

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